Ways to Serve

Here are some of the specific jobs that lay people, people who are not ordained, do during a service.

Ushers: A team of ushers greats everyone as the enter the church. They also distribute the service bulletins, help with seating, manage the collection plates, and guide the congregation when the Eucharist is received.

Presentation of the Elements: Two or three people, lead by an acolyte, will present the bread and wine to the altar for the Eucharist.

Altar Guild: The Altar Guild is a group of men and women who are the set designers for the church and communion service. They design the beautiful flower arrangements that often reflect the season of the year or the season of the church. They care for all the vestments, linens, chalices, and other items used during the Eucharist. They are responsible for setting up and disassembling the altar every Sunday.

Acolytes: Young people age 9 and older serve as acolytes. They have several responsibilities including lighting and putting out the altar candles. They carry the processional and recessional crosses. They carry a cross for the presentation of the bread and wine and they assist the priest in preparing for and reading the Eucharistic prayers.

Readers: Any member of the parish can volunteer for one of four readings that take place during the service. They are the New Testament lesson, the Old Testament lesson, the Psalm and the Prayers of the People.

Lay Eucharistic Ministers: These people receive special training to help the priest with the Eucharist. Our Lay Eucharistic Ministers offer people a chalice with wine.

Choir: The choir usually performs a special piece of music at each service, typically just before the Eucharist. The congregation also looks to the choir for support when we sing the hymns during the service.