Holy Week Topic for Discussion

“In this culture we can no longer afford to assume

anyone knows anything about Jesus. ” 1



1. From Robert Hendrickson’s blog “The Curate’s Desk,” his article “Upping The J-Count”

Our Brother in Christ

Well, the Roman Catholics have selected their next Bishop of Rome. Congratulations to Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now referred to as Pope Francis.

I was delighted by his simple presence on the balcony overlooking St. Peter’s Square, and his particularly understated wave hello. What gave me hope was his request that the people pray for him as he begins this new kind of ministry in Christ’s name. That kind of humility goes a long way with me.

I often hear troubling comments about the different strands of Christianity, as though one were indeed Christ’s own, the official Christian Church of God. There is quite enough conflict in the world already without having to fabricate more. I think God is unimpressed by the puffing up of some over and against others; and for what? Pope Francis is our brother in Christ, regardless of what we agree or disagree on.

When Pope Francis asked for prayers, he got mine, and I hope he got yours too. We are, after all, all in this together – we who are each different members of the same Body of Christ. Leadership isn’t easy, to say the least. I imagine leadership at the Papal level must be particularly tricky. My sincere prayer was for God to grant him grace and mercy, but mostly mercy. He’s got a big job on his hands.